Meat Shredding Machine

Our model “3630” Meat Shredder will quickly and consistently process a whole smoked Pork Butt into perfect strands for the in-shop production of delicious barbecue “Pulled Pork”. The “3630” is also ideal for delicious Pulled Chicken and Beef. The “3630” features a unique and patented “Spiked Drum” designed that gently and automatically shreds the whole muscle with a minimal amount of effort. The “3630” Pulled Pork Shredder eliminates “Burned Fingers” typically associated with hand pulling HOT meats and provides a much more consistent end result. Pork Caps are shredded along with the Pork Butt, so there is no loss of product. It also enhances the flavor of Pulled Pork. By using the 3630, time will be saved so your employees will have more time to do other tasks. A typical Pork Butt can be processed in less than 40 seconds, due to a faster Motor.  And now with a removable Block Bar to change the size of shreds in seconds.

Operation and cleaning are simple with virtually no training needed and it is completely safe for use by even the newest employees. Our all Stainless design and Stainless Steel Housing will provide many years of trouble free service.

When it comes to innovation, quality, value, and dependability, RZ MANUFACTURING is the best choice for your shredding needs.